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The multispectral camouflage nets are based on a multilayer coated textile fabric. The carrier net is only structural in function and does not act as a camouflage. As a result, different application-specific constructions can be used without compromising the camouflage effect.

The textile characteristics of the coated fabric such as temperature stability, adhesion and water repellence are absolutely state-of-the-art. The chemicals used for flame retardancy comply with the recommendations of WHO.

Visual camouflage effect
Camouflage effectiveness in the visual range is accomplished by the choice of colours and pattern. Both parameters are usually specified by the customer. Colour deviations from the customer’s specifications are negligible. By having a special texture the shine of the net is much reduced for all angles of incidence and reflections angles (BRDF). Furthermore a positive camouflage effect is achieved by the 3-dimensional appearance of the net. The 3-dimensional leaf structure of the net is of the same order of size and appearance as a natural vegetation background.

Thermal infrared
Camouflage effectiveness of the camouflage net is achieved by heat exchange with the air through convection and diffuse reflection of the local background and sky in the net. The spectral curve is well defined and patented. The reflection characteristics in the thermal infrared together with the 3-dimensional incision pattern disrupt the infrared signature of the camouflaged target. Hot spots can be efficiently covered; there is no need for additional thermal blankets.

Camouflage in the radar range (2 – 100 GHz) is based on the diffuse reflection of the incoming waves (be it emitted radiation from a transceiver or background radiation from the sky) on the metallic sub-layer of the camouflage leafs. SSZ provides a series of well-documented solutions for the customer.


The optimized total weight corresponds to modern requirements. Even at lower temperatures the fabric shows no tendency to get stiffer. Different kinds of base nets can be supplied, including fine meshes which make the camouflage net non-snagging.