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Mobile camouflage covers MMCC

An increasing interest in mobile camouflage solutions for high value targets in addition to static multispectral camouflage nets has been noted.

Multispectral camouflage means that camouflage effect is achieved in all relevant spectral ranges: from cm-waves to UV radiation. At the same time, by using RADAR absorbing material as insulating material, the tank can be effectively protected against intelligent ammunition with mmW-seeker heads (Top Attack).

The mechanical strength of the camouflage cover is determined by the strength of the base fabric and the multispectral material. It has been chosen to achieve an optimum balance between strength and weight. All materials used have been tested for military use. In the design of the camouflage cover, particular importance has been attached to durability and usability. The camouflage does not hinder vehicle manoeuvrability, use of weapons or access to accessories, handles etc. Application of a thermal camouflage cover reduces the power required for air conditioning at varying speeds by a factor 4 to 10 in a desert environment (NATO classification A1).

Camouflage effectiveness
The camouflage effectiveness in the thermal infrared is achieved by convection and the use of low-emissivity material, in the radar range it is achieved by means of radar-absorbing materials. When manufacturing, the markedly sharp edges of the vehicle are intentionally broken.


The covers are tailored to a specific vehicle and therefore allow optimum access to accessories and handles on the surface of the vehicle. The cover is made of multiple elements, each of them designed for a specific part of the vehicle. The covers can therefore easily be removed for servicing the vehicles within 20 minutes.